About Us

Interactive media and digital experiences without the pain. Stop making out-sized investments in one-off interactives or feeling boxed in by the old platform solutions.

We help museums engage their visitors with cutting-edge digital products that are fun to use and deepen the cultural experience. Our award-winning mobile guides, touchscreen interactives and online exhibitions are both beautiful and meaningful while your collection remains the star of the show.

CultureConnect’s platform is the first-of-its-kind to power a wide-range of mobile and digital experiences that not only harness the latest technologies but also make it easy to manage and maintain. Whether your museum has a large-scale digital program or is just getting started, we’ll create a program that’s right for your team and budget.

All of our products have been designed in partnership with museums and informed by data-driven user research and extensive visitor testing. Big or small, art or history, natural science or cultural center we understand you and your visitors.

We know museums aren’t in the IT business, so all our products are powered by one, user-friendly content management system. That means museums are in control of their content, publication status and reporting. Grow your digital offerings within one streamlined system while enjoying fewer headaches and more cost effective, longer lived projects.

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Big or small, art or history, natural science or cultural center we understand you and your visitors.

Spreading the Word

CultureConnect’s CEO Samantha Diamond frequently speaks and consults as an expert on technology, culture, and design. In 2017, she was appointed to the board of the Museum Computer Network where she can continue her leadership and advocacy for museums and technology. Selected recent and upcoming talks:

  • Museum Computer Network, “Turning Original Ideas into Reality”, Pittsburgh, PA, 2017
  • Southeast Museum Conference, “Your Digital Project Planning Packet  and Workshop”, New Orleans, LA, 2017
  • CultureSummit Abu Dhabi “Unintended Consequences of Technology” United Arab Emirates, 2017
  • American Alliance for Museums, “Got Emoji?” St. Louis, MO, 2017
  • Museums and the Web, “Who’s the Product?” Cleveland, OH, 2017
  • MuseumNEXT, “Teens and Technology in Your Museum” New York, NY, 2016
  • Museum Computer Network, “Top 5 Lessons: User-Testing In-gallery Interactives” New Orleans, LA, 2016
  • Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums “Case Studies on Digital and Mobile Projects” Wilmington, DE, 2016