Geek Speak: Usability Testing

By September 10, 2014Geek Speak Glossary

Before launching a new digital experience the product team at CultureConnect test drives a prototype with users to get feedback on how real people interact with these digital experiences. Today, we tested a prototype of a new app we’re working on with the New Orleans Museum of Art. Our team loaded interactive mock-ups of our app onto several iPads, then asked museum visitors to use the “app” while we observed them and took notes.

This practice, called usability testing, is one of the most useful tricks in our toolkit – it helps:

  • get feedback early to identify any issues around how people use the app
  • collect qualitative and quantitative data around user behavior
  • gauge overall satisfaction with the experience

And because we do this with a prototype and not a fully-built app, we learn a whole lot before too many resources are invested. Then, we can use this information to build an exponentially better digital interactive. Check out the following resources to learn more about usability testing: