The New-York Historical Society’s newly unveiled permanent galleries showcase over 400 artifacts that connect the people, places and events that shaped New York City.

Working closely with the museum and partners, we launched 29 digital experiences in the Henry Luce III Center and Gallery of Tiffany Lamps. The touchscreens feature 650 pages of interactive content including 60 videos, more than a dozen 3D objects, and 1,500 images.

The grand opening garnered some press coverage. Check out what Hyperallergic and Fox5 News had to say!

Open Storage Made New | The Henry Luce III Center

Formerly an open storage space without interpretation, and often no identifying information, the renovated Henry Luce III Center is now a highly interactive gallery space. Photos courtesy of Corrado Serra for the N-YHS.

Our interactive kiosks allow visitors to easily navigate through the collection. History buffs and casual visitors alike can dive into layers of interpretive content. Images and stories featured only in the kiosks flesh out a fuller story for greater meaning and context.

Sculpture Comes Alive | 3D Models

From vivid animations to 3D scans, visitors can discover the courageous, creepy, and sometimes shocking history behind the sculpture collection. We collaborated with our partners Batwin+Robin Productions for video production and Direct Dimensions for 3D scanning.

The Real Creative Force Behind Tiffany Lamps | The Gallery of Tiffany Lamps

The Tiffany Gallery showcases the women behind these iconic designs. This two-story dramatic gallery space includes six kiosk interactives. Each explores history and backstory from design inspiration to process & technique to marketing & commerce. Design your own Tiffany lamp with our shade and base matching game.

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