Paper Guide vs. Mobile Guide for Prospect.3


Stand-Guide-e1414524884645We here at CultureConnect love printed matter. Monika and I actually met while working at an art ecommerce company where we married the physical experience with the power of digital: more art can be discovered by more people; more artists can reach more potential patrons; the technology as ultimately a facilitator of the physical experience once an art print was purchased (in the case of P.3, the physical experience of going to an exhibition).

For Prospect.3: Notes for Now, there are only two places where all of the programming exists: CultureConnect’s mobile app and a printed guide graciously sponsored by local newspaper, The New Orleans Advocate. They printed 40,000 copies, distributed them in physical stands throughout the city, and inserted copies into their home subscribers’ weekend papers. I have a few copies in my office – they are beautiful, noticeable, and will become a souvenir of the experience.

The guerrilla marketing aspect to a printed guide is useful (especially if you have a generous sponsor like The New Orleans Advocate). In contrast, a mobile guide can be distributed to 100s of 1000s of people at a much lower cost, is more compact than carrying around a paper, and can be updated at any time. It also allows for more depth, whether that’s interpretive content or an interactive map.


Cover-Guide Franklin-Guide

As exemplified in the printed ad for the mobile app below, the physical and digital should always work together, true to their strengths. Or, at least, that’s my two (do)cents on the matter.



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