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White label our platform. Connect to our APIs. Integrate to better serve your customers. Check out our competitive licensing and revenue sharing agreements.


Educators can enrich classroom lessons with interactive, multimedia storytelling crafted by¬†authoritative sources. Better integrate the field trip experience into your learning units — preview content and more easily prepare your students. Contact us for a classroom trial.

Exhibit Designers

From mobile tours and galleries to immersive tablet experiences, to games and large displays. Our platform is your one-stop-shop for the digital interactives for client exhibits. All of our apps are white label and can integrate with any client’s digital library software.


Tell the story behind your products as if they were museum masterpieces. Contact us to learn more about our work in content marketing, ecommerce and luxury brand experience.

Tour Companies

Stay ahead of the competition by offering a digital component to your live tours. Flexible distribution from providing limited time access to content to making content easily sharable. Auto serve content with geo-fencing features.

Creative Agencies

Our tools will make it easier and faster to deliver for your clients, which means delivering on projects under budget. All of our apps can be customized through configuration or insert custom CSS files directly into our platform. Reach out for a demo and to see the platform’s flexibility.

Technology Management Providers

We integrate with digital asset management, marketing, and publisher software. Bring digital collections to life immediately on both web and native apps platforms.


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