An oldie but a goodie, timelines are the traditional way to organize events. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fresh, modern and fun.


We’ve crafted four different timeline experiences exploring Japan’s Edo Period, from the classic event-based to the more non-linear.


Explore key events in Japan’s Edo Period from the 17th – 19th centuries. An introductory splash screen sets the stage with dramatic imagery. Scroll along the bottom and tap into specific events – the persistent timeline navigation bar is there when you need it.


Use big, beautiful visuals draw visitors into events. Taking the same core content from the Classic Timeline, we leveraged the Column System of Layouts to create this timeline experience. The floating panels are but one way to use columns to fashion your timeline stories.


Layer storytelling by organizing events according to themes – explore events related to Samurai warriors, Ukiyo-e artworks, or Kabuki theater.

A subtle black and red image makes the tile panels pop! Read a top-line summary in the caption or tap into an event for more detail.


History doesn’t unfold in a straight line. Use rich media — such as video, audio, and 3D objects — to foster connections and a multi-dimensional view of the larger story. Here, we use the Masonry building blocks to create a three column scrolling board. Instead of listing events in chronological order, we present specific artifacts or media that introduce events and the social, political, historical or cultural context.