Hotspots are one of our most popular mobile guide features. A simple, yet powerful interpretation tool. Place these animated touchpoints anywhere on an image for visitors to discover multimedia content nuggets. Check out examples below.

In this historic home, visitors can learn about key objects in a room by easily tapping on a touchpoint. The example shown is the top hotspot exploring the bed in more detail. Swipe through the image gallery to see more close-up details of the bed visitors might not be able to see if room access is restricted.

Use hotspots to help visitors focus in on specific artwork details. Introduce concepts in context. For example, vanitas is explained while visitors look closely at the details in the lower right corner of the painting.

Overview audio and text are important, but there is only so much that can be presented at once. This historic object has intriguing details. Visitors can explore these vignettes such as the stamp’s backstory. Or, they can tap the middle hotspot to show the actual letter inside the envelope. Visitors can zoom-in to read or you can show the transcript in the caption.

Hotspots are a great way to introduce supplemental media. Tapping the space suit leg launches a video showing the suit’s design and testing. Play with fonts and colors to make the content cards pop!

Audio is a powerful tool – whether sound, music or voice. Visitors can tap on the bird’s wings and listen to their unique flutter. This sound may be best heard through a hotspot rather than mixed into the primary narrative.

This is just one of the design tools on our platform that you can use to build modern and meaningful digital experiences. Explore more Design Stories.