CultureConnect is thrilled to announce a platform integration and company partnership with Axiell, the global leader in collections management software. Axiell serves libraries, museums, archives, schools, publishers and retailers in 55 countries and is headquartered in Sweden.

This innovative collaboration helps bridge the divide between collections media and data and public-facing digital experiences. This is the first company-level partnership of its kind and will enable institutions to move away from the antiquated system of one-off custom projects and silo’d technology towards enterprise-wide, integrated solutions. In short: Museums can finally have fewer, more capable systems that talk to each other.

“I am thrilled that we have established a partnership with CultureConnect. This joint solution will benefit any cultural institution that wants to create a sustainable way of working with the collection, across the departments within the institution, and provide the best possible digital engagement with visitors.”

– Joel Sommerfeldt, CEO of Axiell Group


CultureConnect clients can build mobile apps, in-gallery touchscreen interactives, and online exhibits in the CultureConnect platform by directly accessing the data and media in their Axiell collection-management systems. This is accomplished through a direct API connection or export/import. Check out how we make the magic work.

The connection between these platforms streamlines workflows between collections managers, curators, and the IT and digital departments, leaving the manual processes behind. It also ensures data is accurate and synchronized across systems, reducing double-work and fragmented record keeping. See how this integration can transform your workflow.

CultureConnect and Axiell both saw this integration as a natural next step. This type of partnership can simultaneously make collections more accessible and interactive for the public and for internal audiences, while ensuring technology investments position institutions for growth and to future proof technology needs and visitor expectations.

“Our mission is to empower museums with best-in-class technology. Our partnership with Axiell propels this further, enabling institutions to move away from stand-alone projects to more sustainable and scalable solutions that give the public even greater access to collections and more immersive experiences with them.”

– Samantha Diamond, CEO CultureConnect


Our collaboration has been in the works for many months and was debuted at the Axiell North America User Conference in Denver, May 1-3, 2019. In addition to providing on-going access to a live demo station over two days, company executives facilitated a workshop and our pilot partner showcased their project as a conference presentation!

About Axiell:

Axiell’s solutions help institutions share culture and knowledge with the world. Our software and services assist them to manage their collections, encourage reading, preserve cultural heritage, improve learning and increase engagement with the public. Our customers are libraries, museums, archives, schools, publishers and retailers in 55 countries. We develop innovative digital tools to transform the way they work and connect with their audiences. We do this from 28 offices globally, with headquarters in Sweden. To find out more about us and our products, please visit