The Bottom Console features what’s called a ‘persistent navigation’ – this means no matter where you go in the app this scrolling bottom console will always be visible. We whipped up some examples of how this design tool has been fashioned into unique and meaningful in-gallery and online digital experiences.

Elucidate the context and meaning of your collection objects.

Explore Ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom through seven key objects beautifully showcased on the bottom console. Read the introduction and tap an object to explore additional media like a zoomable hi-res photos or 3D scans.

Learn and play through multimedia activities and quizzes.

Visitors of all ages can test their knowledge. Enter the environmental topic along the bottom console. Watch a video and answer the quiz question. Tapping on an answer button (on the right) takes you to more layers of content – like how to take action to preserve our planet!

Go in-depth without getting lost.

Explore the Grand Dames of Impressionism. First, pick an artist on the left side bar – in this case the great American painter Mary Cassatt. Then, select a theme or artwork along the bottom console. Flip through and Discover artists and artworks in-depth with this visual dashboard.

Visitors can dig deep when interested but always easily access these always visible bottom buttons.

The Bottom Console is one of 100s of design tools baked into our platform. Discover more design stories here.