Your Museum & K12 Distance Learning: Insights from the Education Sector

Due to the Coronavirus, museums are facing a shift from in-person education programs to virtual learning experiences for K12 teachers and students. This change impacts the 2020-2021 academic year and beyond. In this webinar, we’ll explore the many opportunities for museums this change offers as well as new challenges.

We will be joined by experts in the K12 education sector in a practical panel discussion that will cover, among other things:

– How to unpack and tackle technology access challenges?
– What are Learning Management Systems and how do museums fit in?
– What are the best ways to deliver digital materials & lesson plans to educators and students?
– How to include grade level specific or learning standard specific materials?
– When do “live” experiences matter most?

You’ll walk away with insight from both the museum and K12 education sector as well as practical next steps for your institution.


Samantha Diamond
CEO, CultureConnect | Board Member,

Abbey Wilson
Principal, NYC Dept of Education
Fannie Lou Hammer Middle School, Bronx, NY
Adjunct Lecturer, Hunter College, New York, NY

Frank Ingargiola
Director of Strategic Initiatives, RootedSchool, New Orleans, LA
Veteran Teacher, Principal & Superintendent, New Jersey School Districts

This webinar took place: July 8, 2020 at 1pm EST

Resources from Abbey Wilson Discussed During the Webinar:

I can be found on Twitter at @absmarie and our school [Fannie Lou Hammer Middle School] is on Twitter and Instagram at @Flhmsx286. We’d love to connect with folx who are interested!  

Here are some hashtags on Twitter I follow to connect with people, learn more about what I don’t know I don’t know (and what I know I don’t know, haha) are below. Of course, you can google and find others for more specific interests and groups. There are many and some are regionally centered which may be helpful for folx outside of NYC or who are looking to connect with educators in a particular area. 

#ClearTheAir (

#EduColor (

#DisruptTexts (

#SatChat (current and emerging school leaders)

#MTBOS, #ITeachMath (math-related twitter ed groups)


I spoke about Dan Meyer’s (@ddmeyer) work with 3 Act Math tasks and his current work with @Desmos. As well as Andrew Stadel (@mr_stadel)’s work with #Estimation180 ( as models of some online engagement with material that is asynchronous. 

As we plan to reopen, our staff is considering The National Standards for Quality Online Teaching (, Bettina Love’s (@BLoveSoulPower) work on abolitionist teaching (, and Gholdy Mouhammed’s (@GholdyM) work (Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy). I am taking very seriously how we co-create the school experience with staff, students, and families at our school now and in the post-Covid eventuality. These might be helpful frameworks/resources for your institutions and education departments as well! 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share.