We’re excited to share a sneak peak into an upcoming release of some powerful new features! By the end of 2020, we’re releasing functionality that will empower you to create interactive maps, artworks, objects and spaces!

Featuring four styles of ‘touchpoints’ each with detailed design controls that you can mix and match:

  • Free form shapes (like shown in the above artwork example above)
  • Numbered touchpoints
  • Image and Icon-based touchpoints
  • Zoom-able areas for densely populated points of interest (shown below in the mobile guide map example)


This powerful new toolkit will be available across all products – mobile guides, advanced interactives, digital labels, online exhibitions, and virtual programs and distance learning experiences. It’s also being built with the latest front end technologies meaning it has the flexibility to work at any level of architecture within our platform (e.g. this can be an ‘experience’ or ‘content detail’ page or an ‘ancillary’ page to use some CultureConnect jargon).


This feature set has powerful design controls and configuration options that are perfect for the power-users looking to have deep control and create truly bespoke experiences. But like all CultureConnect features, there’s a lite version perfect for empowering users who want to whip something up quickly yet still have a custom look and feel.

We’re so excited about this new feature that we’re sharing this preview. If you’d like to learn more, reach out here!