We here at CultureConnect are committed to making cutting-edge tech accessible to museums. We’re nerdtastically thrilled to share the latest innovation that connects visitors to your collection like never before: 3D Digital Models!

3D digital models of your collection let visitors spin, flip and zoom in to explore what is normally out of reach behind the glass.

Want to play with a demo? Check out the Caligula app produced by CultureConnect and featuring 3D digital models from Direct Dimensions, our 3D scanning partner.

Show me Caligula in 3D

We’re excited to introduce you to our friends over at Direct Dimensions, our 3D scanning and digital imaging partner. An industry leader for over 20 years, Direct Dimensions has worked with countless museums, film studios and manufacturers using (and sometimes inventing) the latest scanning technologies.

CultureConnect collaborated with Direct Dimensions at the New-York Historical Society. Learn more about that project and how 3D digital models were incorporated into in-gallery interactives. The armchair and punch bowl above are two examples that give visitors the chance to explore objects in detail normally out of reach and partially out of view.