Survey: Continuing the Conversation Around Revenue

    The Chat and Q&A discussions were incredible – share your experiences with us so we can continue the conversation online with the community. We’ll be circling back soon with events, discussions, and online collaborations to help foster dialog (and solutions!) around monetizing your virtual programming and digital experiences. A new reality, even as you prepare to reopen.


    Revenue Generation For Your Museum During Coronavirus

    In this webinar, we’ll explored revenue generation strategies for your museum that draw from tried-and-true methods employed in the private sector, but applied to museums and in the current context of the Coronavirus.

    Through case studies and practical frameworks, you’ll walk away with tangible next steps for thinking through the monetization strategy at your institution. You’ll have tools to answer:

    • What are we “selling” and to “whom”?
    • How are we positioned, marketing, and competing?
    • How do we invest, manage risk, and measure success ($$)?

    Drawing from a deep well of experience in both the for-profit sector and in the non-profit cultural space, your hosts are:

    Mitch Sava, VP of Innovation & Engagement, Museum of Life & Science
    @lifeandscience @addingvalue

    Samantha Diamond, CEO, CultureConnect

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