Marketing Digital Experiences During Coronavirus

    This webinar will help you and your museum create a marketing & distribution plan for your digital and virtual experiences. We’ll help you take a step back and think through these strategies and tactics in light of COVID-19.

    The presentation will include manageable steps for teams looking to validate assumptions about what their visitors want and how they can best reach them or those teams looking to create a visitor engagement plan from the ground up.

    This webinar will cover:
    – Targeting your audience, both existing and new
    – Reaching these audiences through effective distribution channels
    – Using data and feedback to iterate and evolve your programs
    – A detailed Case Study to bring it all together

    This webinar will include:
    – Specific toolkits and exercises you can do from home



    Samantha Diamond is CEO of CultureConnect, an award-winning technology company bringing innovative digital experiences to museums and cultural heritage organizations. Follow us on Twitter @CulturexConnect or reach out at

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