Digital Engagement at Your Museum During COVID-19

    The Texas Association of Museums community hosted Samantha Diamond, CEO of CultureConnect, as she shares strategies and tactics for creating digital experiences for museums of any size. This webinar covered rapid content development and project planning from kick-off through public launch whether your timeline is one week or one month.

    We answered questions like:

    • How can I work quickly while maintaining quality?
    • How can I engage digitally if I don’t have an existing digital presence?
    • How can I leverage my existing resources and assets?

    We also reviewed our COVID-19 Special Offer. To sign up, contact us here for a 70% discount on the CultureConnect platform.

    Check out our COVID-19 Resource Center and our Webinars page for upcoming events and past recordings.


    Samantha Diamond is CEO of CultureConnect, an award-winning technology company bringing innovative digital experiences to museums and cultural heritage organizations. Follow us on Twitter @CulturexConnect or reach out at

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